Scholarly Writing Coaching


I specialize in coaching scholarly writing and communication for non-native English speakers.


Iā€™m passionate about training upcoming scholars on how to take ownership of their ideas and confidently advance their own research questions into successful publications, grants, and talks.

I will train you to build the skills you need to get published and showcase your own work.

You deserve to take ownership of your research questions and advance your expertise and portfolio forward with your name at the top.


As your scholarly writing coach I can...

Make Your Scholarly Writing the Best:

  • Learn the clear framework for constructing your next manuscript: paragraph guidelines, sentence structure, and word choice.
  • How to present a clear story and send a clear message.
  • Literature review wizardry: transforming citation management into publications.
  • Guidance through the manuscript submission process: navigating co-authorship, successful submission, peer-review process, feedback/response, and professionally handling acceptance/rejection.

Improve Your Presentation Skills:

  • How to build an an easy-to-understand, illustrative slide-deck for academic and professional settings audiences.
  • Discuss opportunities to engage your audience that are appropriate for the setting and within your comfort zone.
  • How to answer audience questions, even if you may not know the answer, if the question is convoluted, uses too much jargon, or is off topic.
  • How to both give and receive constructive feedback.

Advancing your career by building emotional Intelligence skills for academic or professional settings:

  • How to prepare and address Behavioral Interview Questions.
  • Optimizing your workflow: Tools and apps you need, what distractions or apps can you get rid of.
  • Make the ask: supercharge your emails to get a response every time.
  • Show your work! Take full control of your career in the digital age.
  • No one will train you but you: Put your daily tasks to work towards your future.
  • Getting Done: bridging the gap from knowing what to do, to how to do it.

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