Case Study 3

Testing User
Navigation and Interface with Crowdsourcing


Cui, L., Carter, R.R., & Zhang, G.Q. Evaluation of a Novel Conjunctive Exploratory Navigation Interface for Consumer Health Information: A Crowdsourced Comparative Study. (February, 2014).

Responsible for:

  • Comparative Study Design
  • Crowdsourcing Procedure to compare search interfaces
  • Crowdsourcing recruitment strategy


The study co-authors presented a novel navigational exploration interface with topics as dynamic and searchable menus for consumer health information retrieval and navigation. Results showed that the combination of exploratory navigation and lookup search was more effective than lookup search alone. Rebecca was responsible for the development of comparative evaluation method and recruitment strategy via crowdsourcing to evaluate the effectiveness of the study search-interface. The evaluation strategy was cost and time effective with a relatively large number of study participants recruited anonymously. In 2014 it was the first study of this kind performing comparative evaluation via crowdsourcing of consumer health information retrieval and navigation interfaces.


  • Altmetric Score: 55, In the 98th percentile of scored research outputs.

  • Featured in the 2014 Spring Edition of Think Magazine.


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