Case Study 1

Exploring Public Perceptions and Knowledge about Antibiotic Resistance


Carter, R.R., Sun, J.& Jump, R.L. A Survey and Analysis of the American Public’s Perceptions and Knowledge About Antibiotic Resistance (May, 2016).


  • Epidemiological crowdsourcing
  • Survey design for web-based population
  • Embedded quality control components, with extensive testing of survey user interface, item validity and bias prevention
  • Unique recruitment schedule strategy
  • Text mining, term matrix to identify euclidean distance
  • Force-directed graph visualization inspired by network analysis with iGraph
  • Thematic framework analysis


This study explored gaps in knowledge and perceptions about antibiotic misuse and antibiotic resistance among the American public. Results suggest that a majority of Americans are aware of the threat of antibiotic resistance, but only a minority agree that antibiotic resistance is a serious problem. Further, Americans have various misunderstandings about antibiotic resistance, with a large majority believing they could become personally immune to some antibiotics and 40% believing that antibiotics were the best treatment for a cold. The American public may not perceive the extent of their personal role in driving antibiotic consumption and emergence of antibiotic-resistance.


  • Altmetric Score: 53: In the top 5% of all 9 million research outputs scored by Altmetric

  • Ranked #2 among OFID publications since 2016, rank of #20 overall.

  • Highlighted by the Editors-in-Chief of the IDSA journals.

  • Named "Editor's Choice" by the journal Open Forum.

  • Media mentions included the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy and Healio.


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